Where am I?

To my fellow readers,

I, surprisingly, survive the plane crash. It was a horrific sight to see. I could not spot a single person from the plane crash. It was really scary to be alone for once without knowing what to do. What if I’m the only person that survived the plane crash? How long will I be on this place? Where am I? Could this really be the death of me? As I panic thinking about what to do at this moment I hear something off into the distance. When I finally get a clearer understanding of the sound I start walking to that voice. When I realize it is the sound of another boy’s voice I am filled with joy, knowing that I am not the only boy who survived the plane crash. I don’t know what I would have done if I was alone in this place. As I run up to the boy, I introduce myself to him. I tell him my name but, he does not seem to want to tell me his. I then ask him where we are. He then responds saying, “We are stuck on an island.” An island? What if we’re in the Bermuda Triangle? Maybe this island is cursed. Will anyone come rescue us? All these questions are still not answered and I feel that my parents are worried. It is getting dark and we do not have shelter. I am really scared of what might happen :(. How long will we be here for? How long will it take for society to rescue us. Maybe we will never escape this island. If you are reading this, please send help A.S.A.P.

Your fellow friend,



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