We Have A Problem…

Greetings fellow readers,

There isn’t much time for me to write this. This may be my last blog post and I will try to explain everything. Basically, we got into this huge argument and the group split up. We were divided up into two groups. Jack took all the biguns and The Hunters and Ralph and I were left with all the littluns. This isn’t good for our group dynamic, but that’s not the problem. We got into this argument about how Jack was being greedy and going to hunt for pigs instead of keeping the signal fire going. I knew I should have stayed at the fire. Anyways, a boat passed and they did not notice the smoke and this is all thanks to the big man himself, JACK. Man I hate him. I cannot believe this guy. He stole my glasses just so he could light his fires and cook his pork meat. When the group split, I have done a lot of thinking. What if they don’t want to get back together? What will happen if Ralph leaves me? Can I survive on my own? What would happen if I talked to Jack? Is Jack still the same as we last met? How much has he changed? Today is the day I am going to confront him for the first time ever since we split. I hope they will accept my peace offering and give back my glasses, although it does only one working lens it would still be nice to have one eye to see with rather than nothing. I hope I will return safely and I will update you guys. If there is no update, well, this is good-bye.

Your fellow friend,



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